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Why is the State of the Art Educational System So Broken?

Why is the state of the art educational system broken? Is it a conspiracy? Or is it a matter of common sense? The latter question is more complicated. Many people believe that there are policy elites who purposely falsify evidence and deceive the public. The former, however, are not intentionally manipulating the system to scare the public. These individuals are self-identified reformers. Some of them even belong to a small network, and their values are largely shared among these organizations.

The former has smaller class sizes and more resources. And parents expect results in private schools. But public school students are left to figure things out on their own. They have to advocate for themselves and work through problems. They must also not fail without anyone caring about their performance. They need grit, but they don’t reflect that. They need more funding and more resources for the teachers and education system.

Teachers don’t get enough time to do their job well. This lack of time makes them stressed and unproductive. They also can’t focus on improving their teaching when they’re surrounded by gun violence. As if this weren’t bad enough, the school environment has become a dangerous place for children and teachers. There is simply no safe place to teach. The threat of gun violence, which is an increasing problem in U.S. schools, makes it impossible for teachers to concentrate on improving their teaching.

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