Why Does Frozen Yogurt Now and Again Turn Grainy in Taste?

When you first get some frozen yogurt, you may be wondering why it keeps turning grainy in taste. While grainy yogurt is harmless, you should be cautious when eating it. If it looks grainy and has a foul odor, it’s probably spoiled. However, if it still smells fine and tastes normal, you can eat it. If you want to get rid of the problem, you can try freezing the yogurt again for another day.

The problem occurs when the frozen yogurt is past its prime. Most of the time, this occurs because frozen yogurt recipes don’t use enough gelatin or sugar and they are over-chilled, which renders them tasteless. If you accidentally eat a tiny amount of expired frozen yogurt, you need not worry about the taste, but you should not eat it. The yogurt will have curdles, which are not harmful to your body, but you can still avoid the taste.

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The texture of frozen yogurt will change significantly when it is cooked. When thawed, it will lose its creamy texture. Some frozen yogurt will even turn tart. Before you decide to buy a container of frozen yogurt, try some out on a piece of fruit or a few pieces. Some brands have better texture than others, so experiment on a small amount. Try some different brands and flavors to find out which one tastes better. Regardless of the type of yogurt, the longer the container is frozen, the more likely it will lose texture.

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