Why Animated Explainer Videos Are the Best Additions to a Business

In recent years, animated explainer videos have gained popularity for various reasons. People are more interested in moving pictures than in still ones. Using visual effects to bring your thoughts to life, animated video production appeals to this part of people. It simplifies the explanation process by generating characters or scenarios to which the viewer can relate.

Here are five reasons why every business needs to have animated explainer videos

1.   Explainer videos are in high demand among your clientele

These days, we get product recommendations from social media sites like TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. Reports show that nearly half of Gen Zers (46%) use TikTok to learn about brands and products, while almost two-thirds (69%) use Instagram for the same purpose. It’s only possible if you’re a marketer: you must make explainer brand videos for your business and share them online. If you provide content that aligns with your market and its customers, you can meet their needs and strengthen your position in the market.

2.   Describes your experience in words and images

One of the most successful advertising methods is telling stories. Affective framing enables you to present your product or service in a way that resonates with your target market. Making an emotional connection with your target audience is simple. But you can elevate your storytelling to the next level with animated explainer videos. Animated explainer films help you do more than tell the tale; they enable you to paint it even further. You can give your viewers a more vivid and realistic impression of the story you’re trying to communicate. To do this, marketers frequently employ whiteboard animation to design and express their concepts into a creative explainer movie that conveys their message and tells the tale plainly and effectively.

3.    It makes even the most difficult concepts easier to absorb

Animated explainer movies are a great way to simplify even the most complicated ideas, features, and concepts associated with your product. Whiteboard animation, illustrations, 3D and 2D models, and motion graphics can breathe life into any idea and convey any message clearly and effectively.

By combining, say, 3D and 2D models with motion graphics, you can show users what your tool’s interface looks like and how it functions. Also, you can show people how to use your product by demoing and describing how it works, especially the complicated parts.

You can also better utilize animation and pictures drawn on a whiteboard to communicate your product or concept to your target audience. See below for an excellent illustration of the usage of whiteboard animation and visuals in an explainer movie for elucidating the role of proteins in the human body.

You can see that this helps him communicate his point and makes his writing easier to understand for everybody, even those who aren’t protein experts.

4.   Briefly outline the benefits of your product

Marketers in today’s fast-paced world are always looking for new ways to engage consumers while conveying all the necessary information. In this case, a cartoon animation would work wonders. Instead of boring your potential customers with a lengthy presentation, try using an explainer video to get your message across.

They aid in providing a clear and concise description of the features and benefits of your product. Still better, you may condense your product’s offering and benefits (with the help of pictures and motion drawings) into explainer videos that are only 60 to 120 seconds long. This way, you can get your intended audience to watch the entire video immediately. See an excellent use of VideoScribe by Christian Weaver in the following example.

You could claim that the average person knows very little about the law. In addition, it can be challenging to grasp the concepts and jargon used in this discipline. Nevertheless, Christian Weaver summarized our legal protections for protesting in a minute-long animated explanation video.

5.    Boosts rates of success

Animated explainer videos are incredibly efficient at converting customers because they enable businesses to properly communicate their value proposition while grabbing the viewer’s attention. DropBox ran an experiment that lends credence to this theory.

The company made a fantastic explainer video and took everything off their front page except for that. A month after its release, the film had 755,000 views and a 10% improvement in conversion rates. This 10% increase in conversion rate resulted in thousands of daily sign-ups. With the right combination of visuals, action, and sound, an animated explainer video can help your audience understand and remember your content. They use both visual and vocal clues to get over the brand’s message, which has been shown to increase recall. Whiteboard animations, for instance, have been shown to improve retention by as much as 15% compared to traditional talking head movies, as revealed by Dr. Richard Wiseman. In addition, the narratives in explainer videos are simple enough for everyone to follow along. Your product’s features and benefits can be outlined concisely and clearly, providing your readers with a more in-depth experience.

Customers are more inclined to buy if they have more information and a positive experience with your service or product. Experiments reveal that explainer videos increase sales by 20% more than plain text and that viewers are 85% more inclined to buy a product after watching one.

In conclusion, according to statistics, animated explainer videos are more effective, as they also improve your SEO.