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What is the difference between residential and commercial roofing systems?

Are you aware of the differences between residential and commercial roofing systems? Though people think that commercial is the same as residential, it is not! When considering roof type, hiring professional industrial roofing Edmonton company is essential to choose the right one accordingly.

While a roof may look nothing more than a structural surface, every roof is unique and different. The design, installation process, and lifespan are different. When selecting a new roof, remember that the material and installation are essential considering the factors. The roof’s life also depends on the type of roof, the material used, and weather conditions.

Here are the significant differences between residential and commercial roofing:


While, in words, all roofs are identical, you can quickly tell the difference between a residential and commercial roof by looking at the design.

On the commercial roof, the slope is majorly flat or low. Such a roof has an enormous surface area and is possibly used for factories and warehouses. The surface can accommodate heavy equipment like heating and cooling system.

A residential roof has more excellent pitch compared to commercial roofs. It features a smaller surface area and may have no or small openings such as a skylight, chimney, or vent.

Usually, the building size impacts the kind of roof that should be installed. In most cases, a flat roof is installed on commercial properties as it can handle the equipment’s weight and deal with weather conditions. These considerations are not necessary when choosing residential roofs.

Roofing materials

The material chosen for residential and commercial roofs depends on their life, durability, and cost. Both roofs can choose materials like metal and fiberglass.

It needs a professional industrial roofing Edmonton professional to handle the demands of all roof types. They can advise on the type of material that will work best for every roof type.

High-quality asphalt shingles and metal shingles are recommended for roofing materials for homes. They are simple to install and durable. Other options include tile, wood shakes, etc.

When it comes to commercial roofs, asphalt, altered bitumen, metal, and synthetic rubber are the options chosen.

Installation, maintenance, and repair

The residential and commercial roofs need different installation, maintenance, and repair types. For example, a commercial building roof may take a month for installation, while a residential property may take just a few days.

Apart from the essential required tools and skills, a commercial roofing contractor should have additional skills and equipment for commercial roof installation, as the procedure and materials used are different.

Both commercial and residential roofing contractors have unique responsibilities to handle the roofing process. Commercial roofers should know how to interlock and patch the roof with different materials. The maintenance of a commercial roof is a bigger job as slight damage can lead to a significant project.

If you think your roof is old or damaged, call industrial roofing Edmonton experts to guide you on how to address the problem, and they will thoroughly inspect the property and suggest the suitable options.

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