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Top Tips To Stay on Top of the Health of Your Four-Legged Family Member

Nothing makes a pet owner happier than having a healthy, happy dog or cat. As responsible guardians of our beloved four-legged family members, we want them to live long and healthy lives. However, this can be challenging, especially when keeping your pet’s health in check. 

As per APPA, 70% of American households own a pet. And from food allergies to fleas and ticks, many potential health risks can affect our furry friends. The good news is that you can take some simple steps today to keep your dog or cat on top of their game.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can help keep your pet healthy so they can live a long life with you.

Feed Your Dog a Healthy Diet

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to keep them in good health. Many pet owners don’t want to put their pets on an expensive hypoallergenic diet, but there are options out there that are affordable and healthy. If your dog has allergies or other health issues, ask your vet before making any changes to its diet.

You should also pay attention to the ingredients list on pet food bags. You can check popular dog foods and their ingredients list on PetCareRx. Dogs can become overweight just like humans, so ensure you feed them only a few calories while losing weight. If they aren’t getting enough exercise, try adding extra walks to your daily routine.

Always Stay On Top of Your Dog’s Vaccinations

It would help if you always keep your dog up to date on its vaccinations. The vaccination schedule for various breeds of dogs can vary, so it’s essential to check with your veterinarian before administering vaccinations. 

You should give your dog a series of vaccines at eight weeks old, 12 weeks old, and 16 weeks if you are getting them done at the vet. After that, several “booster” vaccines should be administered throughout their life.

One thing you should know is that when it comes to administering vaccination shots, there are two popular options: intranasal or subcutaneous. Which method works best depends on your animal’s sensitivity and how quickly they need protection against illness. However, using an intranasal solution is usually recommended to provide more immediate protection than subcutaneous.

Keep Your Dog Active and Exercise Daily

You might think exercising your dog is a good idea only if they’re a big and active breed, but it’s essential for all dogs. It helps keep them healthy and happy and can help prevent many problems. Exercise can help keep your dog from gaining weight, which can lead to obesity, arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Regular exercise will also help prevent bad habits such as excessive barking or digging at the carpeting.

It would help if you tried to ensure that you give your pet enough exercise daily. Even if it’s just a few minutes here and there throughout the day and some more vigorous playtime sessions at least once weekly. You don’t have to go crazy with this, either. Even something as simple as taking your pet for walks around the neighborhood or letting them run around in an enclosed yard is enough to be beneficial.

Keep Their Teeth Clean and Breath Fresh

According to Frontiers, periodontal disease is found in around 80% of dogs above the age of 3 years. It’s essential to always keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Brushing your dog’s teeth is an easy way to do this. Even if your pup has no tartar or plaque buildup, brushing their teeth will help avoid any.

An excellent brush for dogs is a rubber toothbrush explicitly made for pets that you can find at your local pet store or online pet supply store. It will ensure that the bristles are soft enough not to damage the gums but strong enough to remove any buildup of hard deposits on the surface and between each tooth (which forms into tartar).

It’s also essential to use products specifically made for dogs when it comes time to clean their mouths out with water or other cleaning solutions since some human mouthwashes can be toxic when ingested by animals due to ingredients like alcohol and hydrogen peroxide which may cause stomach upset in sensitive canines if they consume too much over time.

Visit the Vet Regularly

According to HABRI, 85% of pet parents worldwide would pay whatever it takes if their pet needed extensive vet care. Visiting the vet is one of the best ways to ensure your dog’s health. They will be able to give you all the information you need about any issues that may arise and show you how to maintain good health for your pup.

If you’re unhappy with the first consultation, it can be helpful to ask for a second opinion from another vet specializing in something like allergies or cancer treatment. You should feel free to choose one over the other. Instead, listen to what both are saying and see which makes more sense for your situation.

Maintain Flea and Tick Control

Maintaining flea and tick control is one of the most important parts of pet care, as these insects can spread dangerous diseases. You can use a topical treatment, such as Advantage or Frontline Plus, or a flea collar. Make sure to clean your dog’s environment by vacuuming regularly and removing his bedding weekly.

When choosing a flea or tick control product, examine how often it needs to be applied. Some work for up to two months, while others may require daily applications during peak season. Ensure not to overuse pesticides because they could be dangerous for your pup. Instead, try natural remedies like garlic or olive oil.

Brush Your Dog’s Hair at Least Once a Week to Prevent Knots and Tangles

Now is the time to start if you still need to brush your dog’s hair at least once a week. Brushing their hair regularly can help prevent knots and tangles, which can be very painful for dogs to get out. You can also bond with them and give them extra attention by brushing their fur. 


The health of your four-legged family member is significant. You need to think about it regularly, not just when your pet is ill or injured. It can be easy to forget about the regular care that your dog needs until they are experiencing problems with their ears or eyes, but by taking steps such as those listed above, you can always stay on top of their health and keep them looking and feeling great.

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