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Surgery with people in their age

Want to be beautiful, I want to be handsome, I want to have a good figure, glowing skin, etc. Various methods of enhancing beauty meet the needs of the new era. For a perfect life, whether it’s Korean cosmetics brands. Good quality skin cream from Europe, acne-blemish treatment, high-class price, facial massage course, skin spa, all…others There are many more that will give you the perfect face and shape. 

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Today, these methods have been taken to the next level and “surgery” is the first answer to the most “narratives” to be told. in this era

   The inevitable story of the life of a person who has gone to be beautiful and can get raw, outstanding work, love bouncing off. With another matter on the opposite side, many people are unlucky. Life has to be extinguished because of “surgery”.

The book “Know the truth before being beautiful Confident before adding” will lead you to find the “answer” for the “unknown” in this house, this city.

The answer for anyone who thinks “want to be beautiful, want to be handsome”

But wait! You are thinking that what nature has created is the best. These things don’t need to be known. Don’t mess with it. Know why. It makes you dizzy. It hurts your liver!

Readers who are not interested in surgery There is no way the surgeon All of them will get money from a large bag. of the class….you who thinks about They won’t happen in your life. Don’t just walk away from this book.

We want everyone to be aware of the “danger” in the beauty that many doctors have. Few will reveal the truth. (The fact that almost no doctor even mentions it.)

   Especially when talking and asking questions. with Doctor Games (author) while making this manuscript. The more it feels like the wind will enter the shocking issue Goosebumps….with the situation that we will never know the “truth” from the media that we have seen and heard every day. who will say “What makes things beautiful and beautiful will become “toxic” that affects your future life and property…..

   When there are more frequent headlines in the newspapers about it. The suspicion is exponentially increased, whether it’s “a famous DJ who opens his mind after a whole new face up” (this is also a good thing to beautify at I would like to congratulate But there are also mixed suspicions that What will happen to you in the future?), “Dr. Bag. Beautiful. You can order. Easy to serve at home” (I don’t know how to do this. Just think of what is easy to get. Is it really safe?), “Hong Kong girl (age) 40, but her face (age) 24 because she had 30 plastic surgeries!” from the outside, both to inject – add – fill – dissection should be considered carefully better careful first) or “life-changing surgery Pretty Rung Rung Rak Rit” with the story “Pretty girl injected the hip and died of shock” (Hey! Its results are opposite, clearly different poles. Why is surgery for some people lucky? But what about bad luck for the other person?)

Cosmetic surgery gives you an “aura”, but there is also a “drama” in your life. Is it possible for us to stop the dangers of More surgery in our country… bringing up discussion Exchange what is knowledge, not opinions, or likes or dislikes the skill of this doctor to understand how to do it properly. know how to practice discipline Don’t let the surgery be discussed in secret. in a circle of friends or Only close friends anymore.

   Preliminary information includes “secret stories” from insiders revealed in This book will help “open the brain” for those who love beauty and beauty to realize. and study what the doctor will put into us (such as rhinoplasty, thread lifting, filler injections, breast augmentation , double eyelid piercing or the most modern such as stem cell injections) and what the doctor will take away from us (either liposuction, liposuction, freckle correction) depends on the interests and needs of each person.

We don’t want the surgery to be based on the belief of fate. but only Some people do it and have a good life. Some people do it and their lives go downhill, face ruin, or get a lot of impact. The story in the book will be the basic knowledge and Give everyone a good idea. Thailand is actively entering the beauty business now and in the future we will see more and more people affected. It becomes a word of mouth in a beautiful and handsome society. We will surely experience both happiness and suffering. From friends, siblings, or relatives who go to “add-add-cut” to “make beauty | make handsome” into our ears someday

The intention of this book is “Must know for sure, know for sure, do not make wrong decisions, do not get overwhelmed (with other people’s words or beauty, advertising, word of mouth, or whatever) because “life” belongs to “you” alone. Please think carefully. Hard, dare to make decisions and be prepared for the “impact” that will follow.

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