Review From Forbes Advisor – KuCoin Among Top 5 Crypto Exchange

KuCoin, promoted as “The People’s Exchange,” is a well-known forex trading network and Altcoin exchange established in Hong Kong in 2017. The goal of KuCoin is to provide users with access to a straightforward and secure platform for trading a variety of digital currencies. With over 11 million users and one in four cryptocurrency holders globally, it has undoubtedly impacted the worldwide crypto community.KuCoin is a rapidly expanding exchange that offers traders a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Since its launch, KuCoin Shares, the platform’s native asset, have grown significantly.KuCoin provides access to more than 600 cryptocurrencies, which may be exchanged for as little as 0.1 percent, including ADA/BTC.

KuCoin received about $150 million in investors in a pre-Series B round in 2022, bringing the entire amount of investments with Round A to $170 million for an accounting approach of $10 billion. According to the Market cap, KuCoin is among the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. Forbes listed KuCoin as one of the Greatest Crypto Exchanges. KuCoin was selected the Best Blockchain App for Enthusiasts in 2022 by The Ascent.

Due largely to the variety of products and services they provide, KuCoin has grown to become one of the largest digital currencies in the world. Let’s take a closer look at some of KuCoin’s top features that make it stand out from the other exchanges:

Features Of Kucoin

Trading costs with KuCoin are quite affordable. Investors can also get a discount depending on their average monthly holdings of KCS, the platform’s native token, or their trading volume from the preceding month. If they pay with KCS, they may reduce costs by an additional 20%.

One of the few markets that allow Americans to establish a current crypto account is KuCoin. Users of this risky investing strategy might borrow money to increase their earnings (and their potential losses). Margin trading is best left to seasoned cryptocurrency investors since it dramatically increases the level of danger you can accept when dealing with a hazardous and historically extremely unpredictable asset.

KuCoin’s Trading Bot enables customers to automate their cryptocurrency trading by creating operations that produce highly when certain criteria are satisfied. It may be utilized for various purposes, including resetting your account whenever your asset allocation becomes unbalanced or implementing safeguards so that it can profit from price movements while you’re away.

KuCoin promises that one out of every four global cryptocurrency consumers uses its service. The main benefit of such a large user base is that it still increases market liquidity; you’re least likely to be eligible to execute the deals you want since there are more individuals trading. It also implies that you will most likely be able to join an engaged community of dealers who understand your language.


KuCoin is an innovative digital currency player. Since its start in 2017, the exchange has grown significantly and is currently ranked among the top competitive players regarding security, authenticity, customer satisfaction, and features. As a result, the exchange is ideal for beginners and experienced traders seeking exposure to prominent and lesser-known limited tokens and commodities. In addition to that, Kucoin also trades in USDT and USDC prices.