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Jewelry For Men: Diamond Pendants

People have always adorned jewelry to add color to their beauty and personality. In ancient times, everyone who had status wore jewelry to show off their wealth and enforce their authority. 

In recent years, western men are returning to these roots not as a sense of authority but as an accessory to fashion. In this article, we are exploring men’s jewelry, especially Diamond Pendants. We will ask what typical pendants there are and what men should look for when buying one for themselves.

Different Types of Diamond Pendants

Pendants have many different types; some are inspired by religious symbols and effigies, while others are from famous pop culture. Following are some typical types.

Crucifixes and Crosses

The Cross or crucifix symbolizes Jesus dying for humanity’s sins. A lot of Christians believe this concept. Other people believe it represents ultimate sacrifice for the greater good and standing against oppression while firmly believing what is right. No matter the thought behind them, rappers have been chiefly concerned with how big they look or how many diamonds are engraved.

You can choose smaller-sized crosses made from gold or silver, with or without diamonds. It’s your choice how long you want the chain from which the crosses are hanging, which should largely depend on your attire.


Have you ever wondered why Olympians and winners in sports are gifted gold and other metal metals at the end of a sporting event? These symbols date back to the Greeks when they would hold sports in the Colosseum. But what does it signify to modern men, and they’re wearing the same medals?

Medals may not be the most common pendants men wear, but if you like some symbol engraved on them, it’s your choice; don’t keep it too big that it looks awkward.

Pop Culture

A lot of superheroes and meta-human movies are gaining popularity, which has influenced men to wear their proprietary symbols as pendants. Younger generations are at the forefront of this trend. Many designs and colors are available, whether Marvel Hero symbols, Anime designs, or games. Many faithful fans even get them made in gold and silver with embedded diamonds. Which ones would you prefer?

What Should You Consider When Buying a Pendant?

You can wear any design these days, no matter how intricate, as artisans have access to advanced machinery, making it much more manageable. Now mostly, the cost is only of the metal, while the other processes cost next to nothing.

Choosing the Style

We have mentioned above different types of pendants which you can choose. So the first thing you need is to decide what you want. Are you going for a deity or your chosen God? Do you like the symbol from your favorite Anime? Or do you choose the recently famous Wolf Head from the Witcher Series?

Keep in mind that no matter the style you choose, you have to consider the metal, and the weight of the pendant can significantly affect the cost of the final product.

What is your Focal Piece?

Wearing a pendant which itself is a focal point, but you can add a large gem or make the design intricate, so eyes go there. If you don’t want a focal point like women’s jewelry, make it as balanced as possible.

Have a Chance for Visualization

Many websites post pictures of their products with actual people so you can know what they look like. If they have a 3D model, you can also visualize its appearance.

If all of that is a hassle, you can visit a few shops and see what different styles look and feel like. But most important of all, how well they look on you. 

Keep it Stylish Yet Simple

You are not a rapper, so you don’t have to make it as extravagant as possible. The simpler they are, the more balanced they will look. Though it also depends on how well you carry yourself and what style you follow.

Choose Your Metal Wisely 

Metal doesn’t only mean the cost of the pendant is the most crucial factor; it also means what color combinations you wear with them. You should also know what metal suits better to your skin tone. 

Each metal has its look and hue that feels different when you wear them. You can choose a gold diamond pendant with gold diamond cufflinks or a tie retainer. You can match the colors of your shirt with them to stand out and look stylish.

Copying is Wise

It is true! Go to google and search for ‘Men with Diamond Pendants’ and select images. You will see a massive library of men wearing different clothes of varying complexion and heights and different ethnicities and cultures. You can relate to many in those pictures, and the next time you dress up, you can dress like them but add your touch to the style.

Cost and Variables

Learn the difference between Carats and Karats, how one differs from the other, and how they will affect the price. Let’s say the heavier the diamond and more transparent, the higher its price will be. Similarly, the purer the gold is, the more expensive it is and the more brittle it will be. Balance them out to see how much you can afford.


Men have fewer options than women regarding jewelry styles and designs, but you can choose the best from whatever you have. You can always match them with watches and other accessories that men associate with.

You can always get the smallest pendant or design you can find and see if it feels good. If you are comfortable with it, you can increase the size and cost. But remember, no matter what you choose, you should learn and know how to clean diamond pendant to enhance your jewelry’s life.

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