How to Make a TOP X Chart Interactive

You can add a slider control to a TOP X chart, which gives you the flexibility to play with the data in the chart. This will help you adjust the order of the data, as you may need to see the data in a different way. A TOP X chart can also be customized, as you can add the slider control to cell F2. It is easy to make this chart interactive, and it allows you to play with the data in it. Although it may seem a little complicated at first, this personality type is able to motivate others. Latest website: newspaperworlds wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

HHS has been piloting a new technology sprint, known as TOPx, in collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, to create new value from federal data. This program has already attracted over 700 professionals and entrepreneurs to join the COVID-19 Crowdsourcing platform. The COVID-19 Project also seeks to develop digital tools based on the health data made available by HHS. If you’re interested in participating in this project, sign up today to receive tips and resources for how you can apply the TOPx toolkit to your own business.