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Get to know “marijuana – hemp.”

Let’s get to know What’s the difference between “marijuana and hemp”? Cannabis plants and Hemp have the exact origin. They belong to the same family, Cannabaceae, and the same genus, Cannabis, but different subspecies and Hemp has less medicinally useful oil glands than cannabis plants. The hemp plant has been used in the past, making fiber a textile material. Hemp seeds are currently used in the food and cosmetics industry. Hemp is high in CBD, and cannabinoids but very low in THC (intoxicating substances), at 0.1-1%, but in Cannabis, it is at 1-10%.

Who can grow Cannabis? 

The Narcotics Act (No. 7) B.E. 2562 states that those who can grow marijuana include: 1. Government jobs 2. Private higher education institutions provide teaching, research, and medical or pharmaceutical sciences. 3. Agricultural professionals such as agricultural cooperatives, community enterprises, social enterprises under government agencies, higher education institutions, or folk healers, according to the law). In the first five years, the request for permission to plant for medical purposes, the applicants of groups 3, 4 and 5 must work with the applicants of groups 1 or 2.  

It can be seen that the request for permission to grow and use “marijuana” is currently legal only for medical and educational use. For example, Chaophya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, an agency that studies medical marijuana, allowed to plant and produce drugs from cannabis extracts canada, both modern medicine and Thai traditional medicine. I have also tried making cannabis-based dishes as well.

Open for permission to plant – use “Hemp” for trade.

For “marijuana”, cultivation and use are still limited. But the latest unlocking movement on the “Hemp” side, effective from January 29, 2021, is the ministerial regulation on permission and permission to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession. The narcotics of category 5, only Hemp, B.E. 2563, are essential as follows:

– Open to all sectors, including farmers, public and private sectors. Apply for permission and permission to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession The category five narcotics, only Hemp

– can bring Hemp Used for all purposes, including medical, education, research, trade

– Open to processing various parts of Hemp and creating added value into health products, such as flower bouquets used to produce medicines. Hemp extract leaves for food production. Herbal products, cosmetics, and hemp seed oil produce food supplements. Herbal products, cosmetics, hemp extracts are used in the production of beverages, cosmetics and, herbal products, etc. (The production of health products for sale must also apply for permission according to the laws of that product).

– Allowing the CBD shop of Hemp within five years since the ministerial regulations come into force.

Open the procedure for permission to plant Hemp.

This ministerial regulation is Open to all groups for permission to grow Hemp, whether farmers, community enterprises, cooperatives, and the general public. Thai juristic person or government-private agency by which breeds are allowed to promote the cultivation and development of Thai cannabis species The procedure for obtaining permission CBD shop.

F&B business opportunity is trending.

Unlocking, growing and exploiting “Hemp” for all these purposes, including “Trade”, is an opportunity for many entrepreneurs, mainly food & beverage or F&B business groups. Cosmetics that have been allowed to use hemp oil and extracts before

I am unlocking the commercial use of Cannabis, including cultivation, production, distribution and import. It can be used as raw material for drug production, Herbal products, food, and cosmetics. Under the legal permission related to that product as follows:

  1. Using hemp seeds or hemp seed oil as raw materials
  2. Using hemp seed oil or hemp seed extract as raw materials in the production of cosmetics by requiring permission under the law on cosmetics. All of these available in CBD shop.
  3. Using hemp extract or hemp extract products that contain CBD as the main ingredient and contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC drunk) not more than 0.2% by weight.

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