Do Criminal Defend Attorneys Direct Assessments?

Do criminal defend attorneys direct assessments? The answer depends on the defendant’s capacity to understand and retain new information. There are a number of factors to consider when conducting these assessments. The questions should address each area of a defendant’s capacity to understand. For example, a criminal defense attorney should ask questions related to the specific actions and charges that the defendant faces, as well as the punishment that is likely to result. In addition, the questions should address the defendant’s mental health and mental capacity. Defendants should be assessed on these areas in a systematic manner.

To assess whether attorneys’ questions are direct or indirect, participants read trial excerpts. The trial excerpts were then rated for their temporal structure, including open-ended questions and closed-ended questions. The excerpts were representative of actual criminal court proceedings and were randomly selected to represent cases where the defendant was convicted or acquitted. Interestingly, the responses of the child were similar in all trial excerpts, indicating that the attorneys’ questioning style affects the children’s storyline.

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