Digital Marketing Trends and How to Master Them

According to a recent study on digital marketing trends, it is expected that B2C (business-to-consumer) businesses will spend about $120 billion on digital marketing this year. However, even with the high levels of spending by companies across different sectors, some businesses are still having issues achieving their objectives.

This is because most uses only formal approaches, which are not as effective in the current marketing world that is characterized by social media, online videos, and the overall growth of e-commerce. In order to overcome these challenges, businesses need to take a more informal approach with their digital marketing strategies if they want to achieve success in this field.

For instance, one of the key trends that are currently driving digital marketing is the rise of influencers. These are individuals with a significant online presence who have the ability to drive specific actions (such as purchasing products or engaging with your brand) by their fans and followers. While many businesses still struggle to integrate influencers into their campaigns, those that do often find it much easier to achieve their objectives than those that don’t. An effective influencer marketing campaign will involve identifying the right influencers for your business and creating quality content for them to share with their followers on a consistent basis. This can include videos, blog posts, and other forms of unique, engaging content that the audience is likely to enjoy sharing.

Another important trend that is driving digital marketing right now is the use of video content. Digital video has become one of the most popular types of content on the internet with statistics showing that it makes up more than 75% of all internet traffic worldwide. When it comes to using video, many businesses still struggle with things like identifying their audience, creating high-quality videos, and measuring the results of their campaigns. However, with a bit of effort, any company can easily overcome these challenges and adopt a video marketing strategy that will help them achieve their objectives.

As you can see, there are many different trends currently driving digital marketing. By using these trends effectively in your own campaigns, you should be able to achieve success online without much difficulty and without additional marketing assignment help from writing services, or your colleagues.

How Has Social Media Changed Marketing Strategies That We Use?

Social media is not only a place where users are sharing and engaging with other people, it has now become a space where businesses of all kinds and sizes are connecting with customers allowing them to grow their brand successfully through new marketing strategies.

One of the biggest strategy changes has been in the way companies are providing customer service, it has never been easy for companies to keep their customers always happy and now social media has given an opportunity to provide support in an effective way.

We all know that the same way a good customer service can help a business to thrive on social media a bad one can be the end of their reputation, that’s why now companies are now engaging more than ever with customers complaints, feedback and reviews from their customers.

Business Intelligence and Analytics is another strategy that has completely changed the way of gathering information since social media is in the picture, now companies have the ability to see through different analysis tools how the customers and potential customers are behaving on social media, information and statistics about customers age, personality, preferences and purchases done. (“New Marketing Age”)

Another useful insight on this strategy is the availability of information regarding competitors, now companies can see what strategies the competition is implementing and what is working and not working from them.

Marketing strategies are always evolving, social media has changed how the people interact with other people and companies, it has also changed the way how companies approach customers, now more than ever companies should stay alert to new tendencies in the social media channels without ignoring the customer needs (Tereza Litsa), companies successfully adapting will have a competitive advantage over the ones not embracing changes as quickly. 

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