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Construction Completion Time: Why is That Important?

We construct all sorts of building for various reasons. Somehow all of these come down to the point, that we like them to be completed as soon as possible. This way, the construction completion time plays an important role in the construction process.

Before we deeply understand the need for completion time, let us decipher the reasons for construction and why they need to be completed as soon as possible.

Reasons Behind Construction!

We have been constructing buildings of different sorts since the Stone Age. At that time, we would build caves in mountains, and later on, mud or stone came into use. Straw, bamboo, lime plaster, and metals are also some of the anciently used construction materials. Then somewhere in the early time, we discovered concrete. But through the ages, our reasons for construction remained the same. Whatever the project is (Drafting services can facilitate the process), these are roughly the reasons behind construction:

  • Places like houses, and shelters, to live and feel safe
  • Places like stores, halls, restaurants, ins, and offices, for commercial activities
  • Road, bridges, bus stations, train stations, and others to provide transportation
  • Parks, museums, ground, gymnasiums, and others for recreational activities
  • Warehouses, cold storages, sheds, garages, and others for storage purposes
  • Industrial plants for industrial purposes like refining, manufacturing, processing, assembly and others
  • Power plants for power generation

And other reasons for other types of buildings. 

Why Do We Need Them to Be Completed Soon?

Whatever the reason for the construction it needs to be completed as soon as possible. This is because the reason is rarely a side hustle. Every project is meant for some immediate benefit. 

One might think it applies to home and one tends to shift to it as soon as possible but that is not the case. In the case of a road, the more traffic waits the worse it gets for the whole area, city of the country. Also, for storage, the delay causes a slow but dangerous deterioration of the concerned materials. This continues for every sort of building.

Hence, the project at hand needs swift and without any halt construction completion. This then includes certain things. We will discuss them in the later part!

What is Completion Time and How it is Important?

Completion time is the estimated time required to complete the given project. This mainly means the time required for the whole project. But this also means the completion time of every constituting activity. This includes certain details in them. These details are:

  • List of all the constituting activities
  • Starting date and time
  • Order of all the constituting activities
  • Acquisition of materials
  • Beginning of actual activity
  • The transition from one activity to the other

Similarly, there are particular factors that influence the completion time. It can be certain efforts like using precast concrete (for which precast detailing services are available). These factors work in actual physical activity. These factors and their influence are:

Material availability. Construction materials are the backbone. They need to be of the precise specification. otherwise, the project is either out of the question or at grave risk. all these lies in the fact that the right materials are available in the required quantities.

Transportation. It comes after acquisition. The materials are needed to be transported to the construction site. in case the transportation is delayed or unavailable the work is delayed as a result. similarly to pace it up they need to be available at ease.

Labor behaviors. Another vital factor like the construction material is the labor force. If the labor force is active and appropriate for the required activity, the project is a success and completed in time. otherwise, labor can delay it to the time of their liking.

Weather. This is a natural factor that can damage the flow of construction work. conditions like rain, snow, flood, and other condition can cause work halt. This halt can sabotage the work progress and badly affect the intended target.

and others


Completion time is an important aspect of construction. We rely on it as we require are projects completed as soon as possible. This time is an estimate of the required time for project completion. It includes information i.e., the list of activities, starting date and time, order of all the constituting activities, acquisition of materials, beginning of the physical activity, and transition between activities.

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