Can You Get Fat If You Eat Frozen Yogurt Once in Seven Days?

Frozen yogurt is a great option for people who want to eat healthy foods without the extra calories that come with eating cream. A half-cup serving contains approximately 100-140 calories and zero to three grams of fat, compared to about five to seven grams of fat for premium brands of ice cream. Plus, yogurt is high in calcium and protein, as well as beneficial probiotic bacteria. It is low in saturated fat, and a good source of calcium.

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Frozen yogurt contains about the same amount of sugar as ice cream – roughly two to three teaspoons for a half-cup serving. However, some frozen yogurts are made with fewer calories than other varieties, and have extra goodies that can add up the total amount of sugar. Nonfat versions of frozen yogurt require thickeners such as cellulose, carrageenan, and guar gum to help them maintain their consistency. While these ingredients are not harmful to the yogurt, they do increase its sugar content.

Frozen yogurt can be used as a snack or dessert for anyone who enjoys dairy products. Frozen yogurt does contain a high level of fat. It is a great source of calcium and magnesium, and may contain probiotic cultures. You can find vegan or lactose-intolerant coconut yogurt. Frozen yogurt is great on warm days, and coconut yogurt is suitable for people who have a dairy allergy. Frozen coconut yogurt can be stored for up to two months. Ensure you place the frozen yogurt in the freezer’s back or middle section, so it doesn’t overheat.