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A Culinary Journey Through Mamzel, La Plage Casanis, Bistrot Casanis, and Nota Blu in Marbella

Marbella, a city that thrives in the heart of Spain’s sunny coast, houses an array of hospitality entities. The culinary diversity is immense, ranging from restaurants and beach clubs to nightclubs and dinner theaters. Among these culinary wonders is the Casanis Group, a hospitality management firm that has been adding to the charm of Marbella since 2003.

The Casanis Group is a collaborative endeavor spearheaded by the combined leadership of Zahir Belounis, Chef Fabian Cangas, Guy Sirre, and Vincent Boitier. Under their guidance, the group has seen the successful launch of four unique establishments. Each venue holds its distinct concept, style, and personality. However, they share a common pursuit: delivering exceptional gastronomic experiences.

The Culinary Landscape of the Casanis Group in Marbella

Venturing into the culinary domain of the Casanis Group opens a world where every venue is a unique gastronomic adventure. From the upscale luxury and multicultural cuisine of Mamzel, a celebrity favorite, to Bistrot Casanis with its fusion of Mediterranean, Belgian, and French gastronomy tucked away in Marbella’s charming old town, there’s a dish for every palate. La Plage Casanis wraps the elegance of Mediterranean cuisine in a beachy ambiance, and Nota Blu, the latest addition to the group, harmonizes a jazz-inspired setting with a fresh perspective on traditional French cuisine.

MAMZEL: Marbella’s Luxury Dinner Show Destination

Positioned in the Rio Verde Alto Urbanization, Mamzel Marbella is the embodiment of luxury and elegance. As a celebrity hotspot, it offers an unmatched dinner show experience in Marbella, ensuring that every night spent there is an occasion to remember.

Famed for its multicultural gastronomy, Mamzel presents a blend of unforgettable flavors. Patrons can savor a wide array of culinary delights, from Asian staples like Vegan Thai curry and gyozas to classics like grilled fish or meat. With the picturesque vista of Marbella serving as a backdrop, the alfresco dining experience is elevated, adding another layer of enchantment to the delightful culinary voyage.

The ambiance at Mamzel shifts smoothly as the night rolls in. A variety of drinks, cocktails, and a premier selection of champagnes mark the transition from a cosmopolitan restaurant to a buzzing nightlife hotspot.

LA PLAGE CASANIS: The Quintessence of Marbella’s Coastal Charm

La Plage Casanis, a versatile establishment that combines the functions of a beach club, bar, and restaurant, encapsulates the quintessence of Marbella. Situated along one of the most picturesque stretches of Marbella’s beach, it stands as a beacon for those in pursuit of a phenomenal dining experience, with a range of Mediterranean delicacies prepared with the highest quality organic ingredients.

La Plage Casanis also hosts “Sunday Sunset Sessions”, turning it into the preferred Sunday destination. The event attracts around 700 individuals weekly, bringing an energetic, lively ambiance that persists year-round.

CASANIS BISTROT: The Fusion of Gastronomies

Casanis Bistrot is a blend of Mediterranean gastronomy with Belgian and French influences. It offers both lunch and dinner in Marbella’s old town, located specifically on Calle Ancha.

Chef Fabián Cangas, internationally acclaimed, is at the helm of Casanis Bistrot’s kitchen. He brings his vast experience and creative touch to every dish, marrying traditional recipes with innovative techniques.

Nota Blu: A Fresh Perspective on French Gastronomy

Launched in October 2022, Nota Blu stands as a unique brasserie that adds a new flavor to Marbella’s gastronomic scene. Its concept, inspired by the iconic blue note of jazz music, showcases the creativity of owner and CEO Zazou Belounis.

Nota Blu New Brasserie strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity. The simplicity and sophistication are seamlessly merged, evident in all aspects – from the menus and cuisine to the architecture, décor, art, and music. The welcoming demeanor of the staff adds to the enticing ambiance.

At the core of Nota Blu New Brasserie’s offerings is traditional French cuisine, with Chef Fabián Cangas breathing new life into classic dishes. The daily specials, the open kitchen showcasing fresh fish and seafood, and the aromatic rotating wood oven are just a few elements that underscore the diversity and flavor of traditional French cuisine.

In Conclusion

The Casanis Group has been more than just a hospitality management firm since its inception in 2003. It has evolved into a culinary institution, transforming Marbella’s gastronomic landscape with a blend of diverse venues and exquisite dining experiences.

Each establishment under the Casanis Group, be it the high-end luxury of Mamzel, the beachside casual elegance of La Plage Casanis, the creative fusion at Casanis Bistrot, or the jazz-infused sophistication of Nota Blu New Brasserie, echoes a commitment to exceptional service, quality, and creativity.

Marbella, known for its sun-soaked beaches and vibrant nightlife, is now being recognized for its evolving culinary scene, guided by pioneers like the Casanis Group. Whether for the seasoned epicure or the curious food explorer, a culinary journey with the Casanis Group promises a gastronomic adventure not soon to be forgotten.

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