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7 Things Separating Amateur and Pro Producers According to Hot Sugar

Every person loves listening to good music as it heals, consoles, and entertains listeners. Music production is the most exciting and creative job that demands a lot of effort and hours. Below is a list of things that separate the amateurs and pros, according to Hot Sugar.

Distinct Personality

Seasoned producers generate recognizable and unique music which captures the attention of listeners. Most producers, including Hot Sugar, often discover the personal aesthetics of the music they like and incorporate their unique style into the production process. Hot sugar advises music producers to partner with established producers like Lucki, Roots, and Blackbear to facilitate their growth.


Layering sounds is a science and art. Two unique independent sounds may sound terrible together. Conversely, you can integrate one awful sound with an excellent sound to establish something incredible. Seasoned producers like Hot Sugar dedicate adequate time to nurturing their layering techniques, improving their success rate. Amateurs either layer too much, thoughtlessly, or don’t layer at all, which leads to low-quality music.

Unique Moments

Music nowadays is loop-based, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the sound to minimize boredom. The production process must be consistent and ready to evolve to reduce the possibility of being repetitive. Minute things like occasional sound effects, beat drops, and a synth pad that plays a few times make the production process more enjoyable.


Subtlety is a personal preference, but seasoned producers utilize it to create unique content. Not all things require to be clearly audible or upfront, but small instruments or moments that add flavor to the music can make the music production process enjoyable. Most producers don’t incorporate much subtlety, which limits their growth. Imperfections and quirks may positively impact music production, giving listeners something to chew on.

Separation of Musical Segments

Seasoned producers know various ways to differentiate between a song’s verse and hook. Introducing lead lines or changing a single element in the production process makes the music unique and appealing to listeners. Differentiate between different sections in a song and incorporate transitional elements in the production, such as builds or beat drops, when navigating from one segment to the other. Arrangement in the production process is crucial due to the unique nature of different sections in every song.

Vocal Hook

Integrating vocal hooks in the music production process isn’t always necessary. It’s, however, crucial to incorporate it when producing Hip-Hop and Pop music. A performed and well-written vocal hook distinguishes the amateurs from the pros. Recording and writing a hook reveals whether the production side is in the right place.


Like quantization, sequencers are crucial in the music production process. A sequenced beat or one that’s 100% quantized may sound extremely robotic. Robotics work for a particular genre of music, but RnB, Pop music, Hip-hop, and House music have roots in Jazz and Funk. The main difference between pros and amateurs is that seasoned producers incorporate a rhythmic pull and push and human timing and dynamics, making the music lively. Pros play it out while amateurs program.

A solid production process improves your chances of success in the long run. It would help if you considered branding and networking to take your career to the next level.

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