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7 Healthy Instant Foods for a Busy Day

What comes to mind when you think of instant food and frozen food? For the majority of us, it is the food like the 2-minute noodles. Many instant foods are suspected to be bad for health for their chemical content. But the good news is that instant food and frozen food are not limited to a few unhealthy options. The upcoming section will give you an idea of some of the filling, healthy instant foods you can consume during busy days.

1. Instant Noodles

Many parents consider instant foods like noodles unfit for regular consumption. So, the best option you can try in this case is to go for healthy, chemical-free instant noodles made of millet, Ragi, red rice, Bajra, etc. This is one way to enjoy your favorite meals without any worries.

2. Millet Pancakes

Many of us enjoy having pancakes for breakfast or snacks. But getting a healthy substitute like a millet pancake would be one of the best options if you are looking for instant food. You can enjoy it at any time of the day and make it tastier and healthier using organic honey and the fruits of your choice.

3. Pasta

Yet another healthy instant food you can try making yourselves is pasta. Nowadays, you can find wide healthy pasta varieties, like tapioca flour pasta, multi-millet pasta, flaxseed pasta, organic protein pasta, etc. These easy-to-make types have specific properties that are beneficial to our health.

4. Instant Dosa/ Idli

If you are fond of having rice-based food items for any of your meals, then instant idli/ dosa mix is an option you can consider buying to prepare idli/ dosa within a few minutes. You can have it with ghee/ chutney as per your taste. You can also consider making dosa using bajra or ragi if you wish to try something different.

5. Instant Upma

If you don’t like idli/ dosa, you might like upma. Many stores are selling instant rava upma nowadays. And an instant breakfast option like this gives you the chance to have a healthy meal containing multiple ingredients like dry onions, sesame oil, ginger, cashew nut, semolina, chilly, potatoes, etc.

6. Granola

Are you fond of granola? If yes, a bowl of granola with milk will fill your tummy for a reasonable amount of time. If you love smoothies, you may prepare a bowl of smoothies using granola and fresh fruits.

7. Ready to Cook Dried Jackfruit

Love jackfruit chips? If yes, you can try getting some ready-to-cook jackfruit chips from your favorite stores. You can either fry them or boil them as per your choice and experience what the healthy version of the deep-fried chips you find in the market looks like.

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